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DISCLAIMER: This website contains ONLY notes that are written personally by me from the lectures and PowerPoints. NO assignments/labs/hints or anything of that matter will be posted.
Babak's Notes
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DISCLAIMER: This website contains ONLY notes that are written personally by me from the lectures and PowerPoints. NO assignments/labs/hints or anything of that matter will be posted.
Babak's Notes
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Notes Taken From Various Courses @ Seneca College
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 IOS110 Exam Review

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IOS110 Exam Review

Week 1

You should be able to know what virtualization is

Layer of abstraction between the actual hardware and what it is being presented logically

Different types of virtualization


Advantages of virtualization

· Gotta explain the advantages , not just list them

Disadvantages of virtualizatyion


-software that allows virtualization

Week 2

-Different versions of Windows Server 2008 R2

- Which windows for a company, which edition is the best

You should know what SMP is.

Clustering & its advantages

*Have to mention the fact that it provides redundancy, which is good.

What you can do with Server Manager

Security features



Week 3 – Installation methods

- Things that should be done before installation

- Features of NTFS

- Basic roles of Windows Server (Print services, DNS services, etc.)

- Three different methods of installation (cd installation, upgrade, windows deployment )

Week 4

- Understanding the difference between server-based vs peer-to-peer networking

- What a protocol is.

- IP protocol

- IPv4 vs IPvs6.

- Subnet Mask

- Default gateway

- Domain Name System (DNS) which resolves domain and computer names to IP address.

· (Resolves) is an important word u have to use it

· Static vs Dynamic addressing

· DHCP for Dynamic addressing

Week 5

- Features of server manager

- Don’t mix up device and server manager

- Virtual memory

- Registry (holds hardware information)

- Registry key/hives

- Different registry parts (USER, ROOT, etc)

Week 6 – Internal Commands

- Wild cars

- Powershell

- Advantages of Powershell over Command Promt

(Gives you more access to the administration of a computer, less limitations than Command Promt)

- Cmdlets (they follow verb-noun structure) ex. Get-Childitem, Set-Service

- Specify parameters in Powershell

- Powershell Aliases

Week 7

- History of OS’s

- Closed source vs open source

- Server Family Design Goals

Week 8

- Partition, formatting, volueme, RAID

- Partition styles (MBR, GPT)

- Primary and Extended partitions

- Dynamic disks

- Striped volumes

- Three types of RAID (0,1 and 5)

- Disk management

- Disk backup

Week 9

- Password Requirements for User Account

- User Account (Item used to authenticate yourself through a database)

- Explain the different user groups

- What a local user profile is

- Types of profiles

Week 10 – Active Directory

- AD is a directory service What Directory Service is:

- Benefits of AD

- Objects in Active Directory

- Trees & Forests

- Contiguous name space (thats when they share a top level domain, and in the same tree)

- DCPROMO.exe for building AD and removing it

- Global catalog (allows you to search for objects in a domain)

- Member Server vs Domain controller

Week 11 –

- Ways to improve server security

- Password policies

- Firewall (What they do and what they do not do)

- Firewall settings

- Windows Update

- MBSA (tool used to probe the machine levels of your computer)

Week 12

- General problem-solving strategies

- Step by step problem solving

- Resolving boot problems

- Safe Mode


- Troubleshooting by using Installation DVD

- Troubleshooting Connectivity

- 6 commands for connectivity troubleshooting

Sample Multiple Choice Questions

1. The process that takes place when a user lgs into a domain is called: a) association b) authorization c) authentication d) aspiration

2. Most networks use the ___ service to dynamically asisn IP addresses to work stations.

a) DHCP |b) TCP/IP c) DNS d) ARP

3. When booting Windows Servers, what option starts the computer with a minimal set of generic drivers that are just those need to run the system? A) Safe Mode

4. Whats the purpose of ALC? A) it contolrs acces to resources b) it allows or denies access to a resource c) it contains ACEs d) ALL OF THE ABOVE

5. What is the main purpose of DNS server?

a) To convert IP addresses into MAC addresses

b) To convert IP addresses into NetBIOS names

c) To resolve hostnames and FQDNs to IP addresses

d) To convert hostnames into NetBIOS names

6. You have just installed Aactive Directory Domain Services as a server role. What command do you type to configure directory services on the domain controller? A) DCpromo.exe

7. What is an easy step to make you r Windows more secure. D) all of the above

8. What RAID level is disk striping? A) RAID-0 b) RAID-1 C) RAID 3 D) RAID 5

9. What is the maximum number of volumes that can be created on a GPT disk? C) 128

10. What is RAID level 1 ? b) disk mirroring c) disk striping d) disk striping with parity

11. Powerhell cmlets use a ___ pair structure? C) verb-noun

12. Powershell comes with cmelets and some built ___ that allow Unix and Windows CLI users to start using Powershell quickly, using familiar commands. C) Aliases

13. Thsi component of AD contains only domains that share a contiguous namespace? A) Domain b) Tree c) Forest d) DNS

14. Which of the following file system would you use to format a 100gb partition on a Windosws Server?

a) FAT b) FAT32 c) CDFS d) NTFS

15. When using MBR, how many partition can you create? 4

16. The diskpart command is used to partition a disk and to manage multiple partitions on a system

18. A workgroup pis a collection of computers, that share resources, where each computer must be managed locally.

19. Which button would you use to go to the Last Known Good Configuation? D) F8

20. Which of the following commands can you use to obtain a new IP address form a DHCP server? A) ping b) ipconfig c) netstat d) nslookup

22. Authorization is for folders and files

Authentication is the pass and stuff that you get

23. Which one of the following commands can be used to empty the DNS cache on a DNS client?

a) ipconfig /all

b) nbtstat –R

c) ipconfig /flushdns

d) ipconfig /emptydns

24. if you have mxaimied the amount of RAM in your server, how can you possibly improve your performance?

a) increase the size of your pagefile

b) Replace your pagefile on a disk other than the one where Windows is installed

c) create multiple pagefiles on multiple hard drive

d) all of the above

25. What does the powershell command get-childitem do?

d) Displays a file of files and directories in the current directory

26. The global catalog stores information about eveyr object within a forest.

28. AD is a directory service that houses information about all network resources.

29. Every resource in a domain called is an object

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IOS110 Exam Review
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